Reduced workload, resulting in massive time savings for entire staff.
Instantly-generated reports from exams, tests, and attendance scores.
Elimination of human error and fraud. Promotion of a technology-oriented culture

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Iyogera School Management System empowers Educators to build fast-growing, efficient, and stress-free schools, by combining all tools necessary for running a modern school into one platform that is simple, flexible, and reliable.
  • Student management

    Student management
    Quick access to all student records, current and alumni, using various filters. Get easy access to student particulars, grades, schedules, parent’s information, etc.

  • Looks Perfect

    Well-informed and involved parents due to effective communication between the school, parents and students.  Improved students’ outcomes by improving digital literacy and deepening student learning with technology.  Fast and painless fees payment over mobile or PC.

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